Building A Wine Cellar

Building A Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar can be any space which is storing wine however for secure storage of wine, which will age appropriately and be kept in the best condition, a few rules have to be followed.

These include keeping the wine in the dark at a constant temperature preferably below 15 degrees centigrade.

These features can be achieved in many ways from purchasing a specific wine cabinet to building an underground cavern. Before starting on your journey of building a cellar, you are well advised to read the online book Cellaring Wisdom – Why, When, Where, What, How and Hints Outlined in the book, and in every other wine cellar publication, are six conditions common to all great cellars.

These are –

  • Stable Temperature.
  • Low Temperature.
  • Adequate Humidity.
  • Darkness.
  • No Vibration.
  • Low Ventilation.