Aging Your Wine

Aging Your Wine

Not all wines are made to be aged. Some people do not enjoy aged wines. Most wines lose some of their vitality if they are held too long.

Even assuming that your cellar is designed to the correct specifications and you have recorded all your wines to ensure that they all will be opened at the peak time, the anomalies of wine and wine storage are such that there will be failures.

It is always better to err on the side of opening a wine too soon, rather than hanging on to the wine and then discovering that it is past its best.

As wine cellar consultants, the biggest fault we come across is wines being held for too long.

To get the most from your cellar –

  • Ensure that your cellar conditions are correct.
  • Ensure that you know the optimum drinking age of all your wines.
  • Ensure that you will open or sell all your wines which have reached their peak.
  • Ensure that you will enjoy every wine that you cellar.