Advantages of Using Wine Bottle Tags

Advantages of Using Wine Bottle Tags

With a wine cellaring system, every bottle has attached to it a tag displaying a unique number and barcode. The tag allows a wine to be found with ease and is then held as evidence of opening. This allows you to soberly and accurately maintain your cellar list.

Identify your wine locations

  • Name your columns of racking or bins as ‘locations’, with each location holding between 50 and 100 bottles.
  • Cellar racking is often made up in columnar units of 8 or 10 bottles wide. Each of these columns may be identified as a single location. In wine cabinets each rack level may be identified as a location.
  • Providing an exact location for every bottle can cause chaos; when a wine is moved from one cell to another inadvertently, your computer will lose it for ever.

Place your wines randomly

  • Let the software collate your wines.
  • Trying to store your wines in tag numeric order, will waste valuable storage space.

Reduce the search area

  • You can halve the search area within a column location by placing whites at the bottom (cooler part) and reds at the top.

Finding your select wine

  • Let your software help you choose the wines to open.
  • Note the tag numbers of the wines which have been selected.
  • Go to the location, look in the appropriate area (red or white) and find each matching 3 digit number.

Maintaining an accurate inventory

  • Ensure that every wine entering your cellar is tagged and catalogued. Even casual drinking wines will be treated better, if they are tagged and properly selected for each occasion.
  • Avoid removing the tag from any bottle until you open it, allowing identified wines to be returned to the cellar.
  • Accumulate your used tags. Enter the tag number or scan the barcode to remove the wine from your cellar list.
  • Abide by these three rules and your cellar inventory will remain accurate forever. You will trust your cellar list, derive more pleasure from your wine selection and make every good wine taste great.